How to Find a Probate Attorney

When a loved one passes away, their estate assets must be shared with their heirs in accordance with the terms of their will and state laws. The legal process that oversees this transfer is called probate. A qualified probate attorney can help you navigate this complex and often complicated process. When searching for a Probate Attorney, it is important to […]

How to Handle Custody Disputes in a Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce, child custody disputes may become a major part of the proceedings. These can be stressful and frustrating for the parents and children involved. Ultimately, the best way to resolve these issues is to avoid the courtroom altogether and reach an agreement outside of the court system using alternative dispute resolutions like mediation or collaborative […]

How A Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

Whether you are accused of a drug crime or are facing a drug related charge, an Alexandria drug crime defense attorney can help you get the charges dropped or reduced. He can also fight to suppress evidence gathered in violation of your Fifth Amendment rights. He can also help you put together a successful defense strategy. The “War on Drugs” […]

Child Custody – Focusing on the Best Interests of the Child

When the mother and father cannot agree on a visitation schedule for their children, the courts may order supervised or unsupervised visitation. The court can also impose certain limitations based on safety and security concerns. For example, supervised visitation may not allow the noncustodial parent to visit their children overnight, even if they agree to do so. A court’s goal […]

Expert Advice – Is Bankruptcy the Best Option?

Bankruptcy law consists of several principles. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available for both individuals and businesses. This form of bankruptcy helps individuals catch up on past-due payments. The Bankruptcy Code also requires debtors to meet certain requirements to file for bankruptcy. However, the requirements for filing chapter 7 are different from those for chapter 13 bankruptcy. The first step in […]

What To Do When Faced With Complex Divorce Process?

An experienced family law attorney can help you through the complex legal process of divorce. Divorce cases involve a great deal of paperwork and deadlines, and the most experienced attorney will navigate the minefield with ease. They can also help you with complicated property issues, such as child support. Their knowledge of court procedures and relationships with experts in the […]